Juan Camilo Méndez


Juan Camilo (b. 1982) Award Winning photographer develops art projects and research focused on people, is also interested in his own concerns related to awareness of being and the limits between the person and the environment.

Actually he lives in Colombia, Medellín.

Artist statements

Since 2011-12, Juan became to view and understand the photography in a different way, He started to identify the geometry of colors, his first look to photography was a search of desires of connections betwen the color, the geometry, the movement, the place, the people and most important how to appropriate of all of them.

Through the use of photography as a method, influenced by portrait, comercial and documentary photography practices He generate fragments that exist in a real way, but sometimes reclaime oniric memories. This fragments were influenced by the desires to reflect an emotion or just the pleasure of the own characteristics.


2016 Modern Art & Ideas by The Museum of Modern Art

2011 Photography by Yurupary academy

Reviews, Publications, Awards and Special Mentions

2016 / Art illustrious graduate, UNAULA, Col

2016 / "Desde Adentro" review, UPSOCL, Col


2017 / "Desde Adentro", Sector provenza poblado, Col

2016 / "Intuiciones", Casa de la cultura Alcaldía de Medellín, Col