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Medellín, a beautiful city for a beautiful decision…

dia de matrimonio en Colombia

You already said yes to that special person and now you want to find the perfect place to live one of the most important days of your life as a couple…

First we want to congratulate you for having ventured into this path of love and unconditional support and tell you that we love to capture forever the memories of this special day, is our job.

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Today we will give you several reasons to get married in the famous and very preferred by tourists, city of Medellin and its charming surroundings…

Medellín has it all, you will be surrounded by people too kind and cordial, who will make your ceremony an event full of cordiality and the best vibe.

We are fortunate in Colombia to have a variety of climates and landscapes, which make us stand out in the world as a country referring to a tourist destination not to be missed in 2020 and 2021.


Particularly in the valley of Aburra, where is “Medallo” and the whole metropolitan area, we have an immense variety of places to celebrate the day of your marriage, in Medellin, the botanical garden is a very nice place in which many couples carry out their event or simply their photo shoot in couple.

You will also find many super professional event centers such as the San Felipe Event Center, the Magnolios Event Center or the El Castillo Museum.

Nearby, you will find municipalities such as Envigado, Copacabana, Sabaneta, Rio Negro and many other destinations that are also worth taking into account when choosing the perfect place for your wedding, but something can guarantee you this beautiful department called Antioquia and is that your day will be fresh and sunny, the climate is one of the “attractions” that have these lands…

Great organizers of events in Medellín…

Of the 4.2 million foreigners who visited our country last year, Medellín was the second most visited city, followed by Cali and Cartagena and led by the capital Bogotá, not to mention the national visitors.

so there are many couples who contact us from abroad and want to come and leave the memory of their wedding day in Medellin.

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The amazing views that Antioquia gives us are perfect for beautiful photos and we have hundreds of examples that we would like to show you…

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Without a doubt we believe that Medellín and Antioquia are destinations that will bring you many special memories in this magical experience that is your marriage, and we want to put at your disposal all our knowledge, work and equipment…

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